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Super Vegeta is an Awoken Skill used by Vegeta and Saiyan CaCs. Prince of Destruction Vegeta starts transformed in Super Vegeta, but doesn't actually benefit from the transformation.

In Game Data

  • Description: Stronger Ki Blasts than any other type of Super Saiyan! The more Ki you have, the higher the level when you tranform! (2 Max)
  • Ki Used: 300
  • Obtained from: training with Vegeta in Capsule Corporation time rift.


With 300 Ki you transform into Super Vegeta, and with 400 into Super Vegeta 2. While regular Super Saiyan is more focused around strikes, Super Vegeta as its description indicates, grants bigger bonus to Ki blasts. Just like all other Super Saiyan skills, it grants fully charged Ki Blast attacks a teleport effect. The transformation will last until it is disabled by its user, the user is knocked out or the skill is sealed by Remote Serious Bomb. 

Super Vegeta grants 5% melee/strike damage boost, 10% ki blast damage boost and 5% ki blast damage resistance.

Super Vegeta 2 grants 10% melee/strike damage boost, 17.5% ki blast damage boost, 5% physical damage resistance and 12.5% ki blast damage resistance.

Usage Tips

Although this version does not go up to 3, ki gain debuff has a bigger effect due to all ki blast skills that it gives bonus to requiring ki. Thus you will most likely need to periodically detransform or use energy charge skills. Divinity Unleashed is also a viable option due to its buff mitigating the debuff of the transformation completely. The transformation is relatively quick, but it is possible to perfect block the shockwave from it and break the user with a charged attack, so to be more safe it is recommended to use it after a grab or a knockback.

For all purposes, Super Vegeta 2 counts as Super Saiyan 2, such as in the requirements for "This Super Saiyan 2 is crazy strong!" This Super Soul in particular allows for a great deal of ki regeneration and a medium increase to basic attacks, making it a perfect companion to the Super Vegeta 2 awoken skill.